BioAZ, a start-up created in 2022 by a veterinarian expert in Research and Development, develops innovative immunotherapies for animal health, while respecting ethics and sustainable breeding, thus responding to certain challenges of the agroecological transition.

Caring for the expectations of breeders, animal owners and their veterinarians, the innovative solutions developed by BioAZ respond to unmet market needs.

The design of immunotherapies takes into account the practical and economic constraints of the entire value chain, including the veterinary pharmaceutical industries, on which BioAZ relies to finalize their development and facilitate their deployment in the field.


September 2021
Launch of the alternative immunotherapy project to pig castration
December 2021
Romain Delcombel joins the H24 incubator (Périgueux) and is winner of the Pitch competition
March 2022
Creation of the company BioAZ
May 2022
Winner of the French Tech Emergence Scholarship
June 2022
Launch of the alternative immunotherapy project to dog castration
May 2022
Obtaining honorary loans and winning an innovation grant from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region
November 2022
Labeling of the alternative project to pig castration by Agri-Sud-Ouest Innovation
March 2023
Filing of the Patent at the European Patent Office
June 2023
Obtaining “Young Innovative Company” status
July 2023
Winner of the iLab competition and the France 2030 call for projects, Innovate to succeed in the agroecological and food transition
August 2023
Integration of the DeepTech program into BPI Funds
September 2023
Agri-O labeling
October 2023
Closing of the first fundraising
July 2023
Winner of the Éco Néo Aquitaines start-up prize


Deployment of alternative projects to castration

Our vision, our mission, our values

Our vision

We put biotechnologies at the service of animal health and develop ethical solutions for farmed and companion animals.

Our mission

BioAZ relies on innovative biotechnologies to bring to market immunotherapies that are easy to use, profitable/economical, safe (for the user and the animal), ethical and more respectful of the environment.

Our values

BioAZ strives to:

– Promote animal welfare and sustainable development
– Participate in the ambitions of the agroecological transition and the “One Health” concept
– Promote the employment of researchers in France
– Participate in regional and national industrial development